What our Water Customers are Saying

Amazing Water

Our cat Tiki has been given almost 2 extra years because of the alkaline water.

Carla Laurent

Alkaline Ionized Water is Incredible!

Ionways Alkaline Ionized water is incredible! Six weeks on this water has accomplished effortlessly for me what I have been trying for in over thirty years. The number on my scale hasn’t been this low in at least twenty years and the associated health benefits have been miraculous too.


Laura Sanders

I’ve Never Felt Better

The alkaline water works great for my allergies! I’ve never felt better! Thanks for being so kind and helpful, Diane!


Laren Holst-Saul

God Bless and Thank You Diane Bays and Healthy Spaces Northwest!

In the past 30 days using the PEMF mat, infared spa and ionized, hydrogenated water at Healthy Spaces, I have experienced relief from joint and bone pain (from cancer and arthritis), lost a few pounds gained from cancer medications, and restored my confidence that I can take back some control over my complicated health and wellness. God bless and thank you Diane Bays and Healthy Spaces Northwest for your knowledge, professional kindness and making these therapies available to us here in the NW!

Marti Lucas
Portland, Oregon