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intelliBED – Posture Perfect

For sleepers with back problems who need and appreciate extra alignment support with suprising comfort.

This 12 inch tall sleep surface features a top quality, high coil count laced innerspring to provide the best support possible under the lower back and an extra 2 inches of cushioning under the hip and shoulder areas to reduce “tossing and turning”. It is perfect for the sleeper who needs additional back support, but finds a firm innerspring mattress too uncomfortable to sleep on. It has a 30 year warranty. If your back problems are so severe that you are considering surgery please take a look at our Decompression line of sleep systems which provide a spinal decompression feature that has proven very beneficial in helping these types of serious conditions.

This mattress starts with a high quality, firm innerspring unit to which we add a layer of soy foam and a full layer of our Intelli-GEL cushioning material. The top panel is imported polyester cotton quilted with a specialty furniture grade foam to perfectly complement the gel. It stands 12 inches tall and uses standard deep pocket sheets. The Posture Perfect is engineered to last 2 to 3 times longer than other mattresses. It is available in all standard mattress sizes and has a 30 year limited warranty. Add our 60 day in-home trial offer by purchasing a Protect ‘Ur Gel cover and adhering to usage requirement (see in-home trial).

The Posture Perfect does not include a box spring or frame. A box spring and heavy duty steel frame with center support is required to get maximum life out of this sleep system. If you don’t have either they are available as an add-on. The Split King is two 38×80 mattresses that when placed side-by-side form the size of a king. The Split California king size are two 36×84 mattresses that when placed side-by-side form the size of a California King. Select these sizes only if you are adding on an adjustable base.

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