bed-mattress topper-400

Gel Mattress Topper / Pad 3 inch

These thin-line intelli-Gel mattresses are perfect for use when you travel or for your guest bed.

Once people get used to sleeping on an intelliBED, the major complaint is that they miss their mattress when they travel. So we made a special intelli-Gel slim-line mattress for use when camping, on RVs, boats or as a firm mattress topper for the kind of mattresses normally found in a guest bedroom. It features a full layer of intelli-GEL encased in organic cotton. It is available in a 3″ version for use on top of RV and boat mattresses. They are available in all standard mattress sizes and in the special short queen size normally found in boats. Call for a quote if you have a non-standard size. We can make it!
Makeover Your Mattress With intelli-GEL!

The primary reasons why people choose the intelliBED Topper:

  • Protection from toxic off-gasses emanating from your current mattress
  • Current mattress is too firm
  • Budget will not allow the purchase of an intelliBED at this time
  • intelli-GEL provides 2-3 times more cushioning support than your mattress came with when new! And our intelliBED Topper is not some flimsy “typical” mattress topper – our king size weighs about 70 pounds! We also put a 10-year warranty on our Topper. Yeah…it’s that good.

But can’t I just buy a new mattress for around $500?

Yes, you could. But in addition to the potential effects of toxic off-gasses, you’d end up purchasing a new mattress every three years or so! Our intelli-GEL-based mattress topper doesn’t wear like foam, so you won’t have to worry about your bed feeling too firm or too soft every few years. But let’s be clear; our topper won’t fix a mattress that has lost its ability to properly support your back. If you are waking up with lower back pain, your mattress is not providing sufficient support and it should be replaced.

If the support system on your current bed is still in good shape here’s how adding an intelli-GEL topper works. Select a topper size below that will match the size of your current mattress. Each one comes fully covered in a top-quality zippered cover. When you receive it, simply place it on top of your current mattress. The weight will keep it from shifting. Then cover the entire mattress and topper with the Protect-ur-Gel mattress protector. So whether you have a TempurPedic memory foam mattress, a Sleep Number bed, or an innerspring mattress that is too firm, an intelli-GEL makeover can help!

So what are you waiting for? Makeover your mattress now by choosing the right size below. If you don’t have a standard sized bed, like a mattress in a camper, please call us and we can accommodate!

More intelliBED models below

bed-posture perfect-200

Posture Perfect

I want more back support and excellent pressure relief.

bed-relief perfect-200

Relief Perfect

I want the softest intelliBED possible with good back support.


Decompression System

For sleepers with chronic back pain or ruptured discs who can benefit from mild decompression while they sleep.


Child Mattress

I want completely safe, non-toxic sleep for my baby and growing children


Baby/Crib Mattress

I want completely safe, non-toxic sleep for my baby and growing children.