Full or Twin Size Child Mattress

Safe, healthy, foam and toxin free mattress for the growing child.
This incredible mattress was designed specifically to comfort and support the growing child. It features a full layer of intelli-gel on top of a high quality innerspring for the perfect combination of comfort and support. We used materials that will change less than 5% over 20 years to ensure that this mattress will support your child properly until they reach adulthood.

There is a growing amount of medical research that links serious childhood disease and SIDS to the toxic materials and fire blockers used in some mattresses. Click here to see important research regarding mattress toxicity and your child’s health.

So we eliminated all synthetic foams from our gel kids mattress to provide a sleep surface that will provide the healing sleep they need as they grow into adulthood. It comes in standard twin and full sizes, uses standard sheets, stands 10 inches tall and is encased in an organic zippered cotton cover that is washable. It works perfectly with a platform bed or existing box spring. If you need a box spring or frame they are available as options below.

It comes in a standard twin (38 inches wide) or full size (53 inches). A box spring and frame are available as extras if you need a complete set. This mattress qualifies for our 60 day in-home trial offer with the purchase of a Protect Ur Gel cover.

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Baby/Crib Mattress

I want completely safe, non-toxic sleep for my baby and growing children.

bed-relief perfect-200

Relief Perfect

I want the softest intelliBED possible with good back support.


Decompression System

For sleepers with chronic back pain or ruptured discs who can benefit from mild decompression while they sleep.

bed-posture perfect-200

Posture Perfect

I want more back support and excellent pressure relief.

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Mattress Topper

I need advanced pressure relief for my firm bed, RV, or boat.