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intelliBEDmini Crib Mattress

Safe, foam and toxin free crib mattress with intelli-GEL pressure relief.
We designed the intelliBED-Mini™ crib mattress to be the most baby-friendly, pressure-relieving, non-toxic sleep surface ever. By using hospital-tested Intelli-GEL® for both cushioning and support, we were able to eliminate all the foam – and any other potentially off-gassing or allergenic material – to make intelliBED-Mini™ the safest mattress for your baby’s health.

Additionally, and equally important, our intelli-GEL® also creates a more pressure-relieving surface than any other crib mattress. Better pressure relief helps protect your baby from cradle cap and plagiocephaly (the flat head condition from a mattress that is too firm) and helps your baby sleep longer and better too!

This 29″x54″x3″ crib mattress weighs 29 pounds and meets all federal regulations for size and fire blocking. It is purposely designed to stand shorter than most baby mattresses (3 inches vs. 6 inches) to protect against the chance of your baby falling over the side of the crib as they grow.

EACH intelliBED-Mini™ MATTRESS sleep system comes with:

A layer of hospital-tested, safe, pressure-relieving Intelli-GEL® whose main ingredient is so safe it’s actually approved for use as a baby bottle nipple:

  • 100% non toxic
  • hypoallergenic
  • anti microbial
  • an organic cotton, zippered cover (can be dry cleaned)
  • inherently natural silica fire blocker
  • an advanced-wicking washable cover to protect mattress from moisture, bed bugs and dust mites*

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